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Brookside: 01952 567 101
Stirchley: 01952 567 121
Nursery spaces available from September 2017.
Come along to Chipmunks Nursery OSC Ltd to find out about what we offer -
Do you qualify for free funding for your 2 year old child or for a free 30 hours of childcare if your child is 3 or 4 years of age? 
We will look forward to meeting you to discuss your childcare needs.


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Children's nursery and OSC in Telford

Established in Telford, Chipmunks Nursery OSC Ltd provides excellent child care services to local families. We have extensive facilities and offer flexible sessions so you can easily plan your child's day care around your own schedule.

Our nurseries, out of school and holiday clubs are located in both Brookside and Stirchley. We can also help if you have more than one child as we offer a percentage discount for siblings. Get in touch with us now to find out more about us.

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Qualified staff

All our staff are fully qualified - this allows your child to receive the best nursery and OSC services possible. 
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Caring environment

We place great emphasis on giving your child a supportive environment to learn the way they like.
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At Chipmunks Nursery OSC Ltd, your child will take part in a range of fun and engaging activities.
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Flexible hours

You'll find that our opening hours and flexibility will allow you access to childcare when you need it.
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Call Chipmunks Nursery OSC Ltd on
01952 567 101 if you are looking for a children's nursery and OSC in Telford.

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